Your investment & our experience.

We can provide you with suggestions on the best way to present your property and optimise the rental return and attract the ideal tenant.

Your property manager will also be able to advise you on the likely rental level achievable under current market conditions and market value.

Lazogas also have an extensive corporate and private database established over many years which provides owners distinct advantages as we are often able to quickly match the right property to the right tenant to your requirements.

We handle everything from regular and final inspections, rent and lease reviews, emergency repairs, general property maintenance and improvements, various bills and administrative tasks, owner corporation matters and insurance claims. We are well accustomed to resolving any areas of conflict in a professional and positive manner.


Every property is a home worthy of respect.

Our properties are available to be inspected by private appointment or at a scheduled open for inspection. It is important you view the property prior to completing a tenancy application to ensure the property is suitable for your needs. Our tenancy application is available on line and applications are generally processed within a 24-48 business hours. Ensure your application is fully completed.

Lazogas have a detailed Tenant handbook to provide you with all the information you need prior to commencing and during your tenancy. Your property manager will provide you a copy of the Tenant Handbook once your new tenancy is confirmed.

Please contact a Lazogas office and we will be able to assist with your request.